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Sheogorath PC NA Midyear

Ebonheart and Dominion were having a great fight at the infamous Alessia bridge and Alessia Keep. Nearly 100k AP in just Defense Ticks.

Then the DC circle jerk group had to log on and killed that fight. These players are all min-maxers who literally run across the entire map in order to interfere with fights because they're too lazy to start their own fight by taking their own home keeps. They don't even own Glademist and they run to Alessia to interfere and kill the good fight were having for the last two hours.

Unfortunately nothing can really be done about it. Min Maxers going to a Non-CP campaign to farm and disrupt the campaign. Funny how I killed many of this circle jerk when they were alone, so now that they'll flee and call their 10+ circle jerk friends over every time they see me or some of the other more experienced players.

Since they showed up for the 3rd day in the row with this event, mass players stopped fighting and left Cyrodil.

I went off to hunt Skyshards and met several DC. Some would ignore me as I ignored them doing PVE stuff, some tried to kill me. Managed to get quite a few kills in Delves.
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  • nryerson1025
    ...I don't even know where to begin
  • Jimmy_The_Fixer
    Respect to the circle jerk minmaxers who went to where the combat was instead of sieging down an empty keep.
  • Sporigudinai
    Less cry more fights
    Sir Eizenheim - DC Sotha
    Sporigudunai - DC Kyne
  • WhitePawPrints
    Respect to the circle jerk minmaxers who went to where the combat was instead of sieging down an empty keep.

    Yeah, they did good. Sought out fights by gate camping, and bloodporting to fight a single player. And now the campaign is dead with nothing but these circle jerkers Emp flipping daily.

    Tower farmers, bloodporters, gate campers, cross-faction guilding, ult bombers scum. Our PvP would have a significantly healthier population if it wasn't for these no lifers. They need to go join Kaal like all the other trains.

    Real good way to promote a healthy population like gate camping and two factions gaining up on another.

    BTW, I play solo so I find it real irritating when a group of 10+ min maxers circle jerkers port across the map to the opposite outlying keep just to stop me from taking a single resource. Especially when I've killed nearly all of them 1v1.
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  • Recent
    You dissing on my homies?

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