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I cant add my purchases to Steam & l cant login into the Support section to start a ticket

It is as the title states.

I purchased the base Imperial Digital Edition before release, as well as Elsweyr Digital Collectors Edition also before release, directly from TESO. Now I want to add them to my Steam account then (pre) purchase the new Greymoor Digital Collector's Edition.

I have linked my Steam account to my TESO account then added the Product code from the TESO store to the Steam add system but it keeps telling me the product code is invalid.

What am I missing? Do I need to ask for new Steam valid codes and if so how since I can't seem to login to the Support server to start a ticket.

Game Handle: A_Spartan
  • ZOS_Bill

    Are you getting a specific error when attempting to start a support ticket?

    You may need to switch to a different browser when trying to open a ticket here.
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  • Spartan
    I got error at all. Simply clicking did nothing.

    Nonetheless, you are correct. I switched from Chrome to Edge and was able to login. Thanks!

    Now I hope someone in support can send me the right codes to make the Steam gods happy. :D
    Game Handle: A_Spartan
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