PS4 graphical issue.

Soul Shriven
I am getting this graphical issue on my PS4 Pro, on every character, in every zone I have tried. Sometimes these "missing blocks" load in, sometimes they don't. It's on all NPCs/enemies and player characters.

I have tried several things to fix this:

- deleted and reinstalled the game 4 times now.

- switch between 4k and 1080p enhanced.

- disabled HDR on the PS4 pro itself

- tried both Wi-Fi and Lan cable, no difference.

- reset my router and modem, no difference.

This does not happen on my Xbox One X or PC when I play the game, only on my PS4 pro. I have also asked in other places and no one else seems to have this issue.

I have friends that started playing again on PS4 and want to play with them but this issue is making it unplayable for me. Some NPCs have full on square/rectangle shaped holes that goes all the way through them.

Please tell me there is some way to fix this?
  • denniedarko
    Soul Shriven
    Forgot to add, I have also rebuilt the database on PS4.
  • denniedarko
    Soul Shriven
    No one?
  • denniedarko
    Soul Shriven
    I appreciate the support with your game. Not sure why you cant help with this, but I see plenty of other PS4 issues that you don't seem to care about trying to help/fix.

    I guess I'll just play Final Fantasy XIV, seeing as how you aren't interested in my business anymore.

    Also, thanks for making me jump through hoops just to post on your forums. Most annoying process.
  • ZOS_BillE

    Thank you for the rundown of troubleshooting you've tried to fix this graphical issue in game. Since none of the steps you've taken have resolved the problem, we recommend opening a ticket with customer support for further assistance.
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    This is sad
  • kalimar44
    Is this the only game that has graphic problems?
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