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New year, New you, brah! Stamplar PvP and Well-wishing.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope all is well out there in the world.

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Rhage Lionpride DC Stamina Templar
  • MaximillianDiE
    Rhage - you are still a beast. Happy New Year bro.

    Maximillian Die Caesar - DC - [K-Hole] Retired
    Maximillian AD [[DiE]
  • Gizit
    Where you been broham? nasty dawn breakers... you dirty
    I do the things! for the team, score points! win the day by *** the stuff! HELL yeah!
  • Brynmere
    Going strong still Rhage! Happy New Year to you as well and the rest of the K-Holers.

    Maxi, hope all is well with you too!
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