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Looking for these 3 add-ons

Hi ya people, I hope you are having a nice sunday ^^

I am looking for 3 function in the game:

1) In trials or PvP raids, people's group -member frames on left screen take up about half my screen, how do I shrink or better get rid of those frames?

2) AP tracker. People in zone mostly talk about how much tick etc but if I miss the pop alers on left side, I wouldn't know

3) Dps on boss, people also talk about this after dungeons I would like to know my dps on boss as well.

I have AUI, I poked around a bit but couldn't manage it. Prolly because I am not good with its terms.

I also checked add onns by search but some of them have little download rate so I don't know if they are trustable or will not break my game...

Help appreciated ^^
Edited by Cirantille on January 5, 2020 3:20PM
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