there's a real problem with pvp.

  • Karivaa
    Who cares? There have always been troll tank builds and always will be. Personally i think it must be boring.
  • TheFM
    Kadoin wrote: »
    ZOS nerfs caused it and you are calling for more? :D


    The obliteration of all dots pretty much made this a guaranteed scenario.
  • Oscar2405
    Soul Shriven
    Bring back defile :'(
  • agingerinohio
    #buffdots .....but dont over
  • Spartabunny08
    They nerfed DOT into the ground, put it back like last patch and I myself can kill the immortal. We need heavy pressure from DOT damage so we can direct damage them to execution range and pop. Ever since we lost the DOT and healing left the way it was last patch this is a bad show. I play unkillable tanks, really strong healers and awesome damage dealers and they're all less than the last patch. I used to run a zerg tank back before block cost nerfs and tanks still ain't nothing like they used to be. Heavy meta will always remain as long as they make heavy armor to do damage. We get the developers to make heavy armor for tanking only and problem will go away. It's that simple. Dots and Hots need to be adjusted to fall in line more closely to each other.
  • TheValkyn
    wolfbone wrote: »
    I'm more than likely going to get hate, or be told to 'get gud'. but there's a real problem in eso when it comes to pvp. when it takes a whole group to kill one player on account of their health regen and so on with the boost you get from being inside cyrodill, it makes pvp rather boring, where you get groups of tanky players who are pretty much immortal. I dont think volendrung helped, and has only made everything worse.

    You must have encountered the PeaceTank. :wink:
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  • Jabbs_Giggity
    Kel wrote: »
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    WoppaBoem wrote: »
    The unkillable players is a really issue. There is a real imbalance. I think the major protection buff needs to be lowered.

    That's... Not the issue... There are other problems that cause players to be unkillable. Fact of the matter is that now-a-days more so than before people hate dying so they would to have more survival than damage which just results in everyone being tanky and steam rolling people who aren't.

    This, to some degree.

    Players do in fact hate dying. The number of players I see that do nothing but run away from fights, even 1v1's, is frankly embarrassing. Check out King of Gamez youtube for his "Runner of the year" videos to see what I mean...

    You see it time and time again...a group will wipe, and instead of taking a quick death to respawn with the rest of your group, you'll see a player run across the map, far past any tent drop area, getting chased by 20 people around terrain, all to die anyway.

    I can sort of see that tactic in IC, where you actually have something to lose in Telvar. But in Cyrodiil, it's beyond weird seeing a player running away from a 1v1 when the only downside is a respawn that doesn't cost you anything.

    This problem also has to do with the way Zos has severely hit damage this patch, increased costs of abilities by a large margin, at the same time they basically taken defile out of the game, made bleed damage affected by resists, and nerfed Oblivion damage. All while not touching healing and making it hard as hell to damage a tanky set up and hurting resources to do so.

    If they wanted unkillable groups in Cyrodiil, or just players who build tanky and maybe run with a pocket healer, they've gone in the right direction. The rest of us do what we can while trying to fight down the mounting frustration....🤷‍♂️

    I vote Sorcs as most accomplished runners.
  • Iskiab
    I totally get why someone would run solo trying to fight multiple players at the same time, it’s fun. What I don’t get is why players who can tell they’re fighting a better player keep chasing.

    A lot of times it’s actually easier to take someone out when there isn’t someone else there. Some people do silly things like stun for no reason making it harder to get your burst combo off.
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  • TheBonesXXX
    These forums aren't exactly great for the game.
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  • Stibbons
    Heavy armor should be for tanking and not for dps too.
  • Toon_Raider
    the only thing wrong with PVP is all the whining causes nerfs to PVE.
  • Joinovikova
    The main issue is health regeneration is not affected by battle spirit so it’s make strongest uninterrupted heal up 24/7 in combination with troll king and class 20% boosts. Another idea which can help is penetration should be reworked to percentage reduction. These changes make tank Build balanced, but many expoloit players will cry to much so ZOS will not have enaugh courage to use brain and change it. Its sad story declining Pvp pop, but it start to be not fun to play 20 mins duels where no one can win due to health regen no Resistance counter play and high heal ability. Every DUEL situation in Cyrodiil is decided by poor lags or incoming zerg
  • Vietfox
    Lag and random loading screens are worse imo.
  • mocap
    im not very experienced in Cyro, but imo the real problem is that like half of zerg can chase such "tanks", rolling around rock for 15 minutes, while the real enemy forces storming nearest keep or else.
  • Fawn4287
    DOTS are just beyond easy mode for damage, whilst some builds rely on performing a burst others rely on single target fire and forget mechanics which makes 1v1 just impossible to win against. I would prefer the meta as it stands than to go back to masters axes bleed level DOT damage, the other major problem with strong DOTS is that the game performs so insanely poorly especially in peak PVP times that it makes dot builds outperform direct damage simply by always working whilst others cant even bar swap. Last update the OP dot meta was by far and nothing comparable the worst Cyrodiil meta I have ever played
  • sproattt
    I've been running a 37k hp stamblade max resists, 7k health regen and it's Tanky n cheesy fun having good health regen... Anyway its not unkillable. It's the 5% Potentates, 10% Swift, 8% Temp Guard and all the other passive damage reduction cheeses that the problem lies.

    From a PvP standpoint passive healing is beyond manageable right now, plus passive healing stacks with other healing abilities. Class balance/Ults and the class healing is out of sync, for instance.

    Templar extended ritual. Heal over time, snare and has stupid duration whilst cleansing 2/5 effects. - My Issue; my vigour got nerfed to 4s with a nerfed AOE heal tldr; got nerfed so bad you can't run other morph as Solo but Rapid Regen does better now with active RestoStaff abilities with good range.

    Templar Ult - 75 Ult, INSTANT CAST ULT, does damage over time and damage on cast, procs burning light ENDLESSLY. - My issue; my Incap doesnt stun, doesn't defile, has a cast time...can be easily dodge and casted with anymore than 120 Ult your giving immunity to evrrrrrrybody.

    Plus anyone who has played PvP in the last year knows the performance is abbysmal and has to be addressed firstly as No one can know how good a class performs until the game can register the commands that you give it.

    But oh wait, new mounts in the store; scratch anything bad that I said earlier. Love ESO now. CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE NEW APEX PEAK INDIGO MOUNT STEAD.
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