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Use Outdated Addons Option Not Saving


I recently returned to the game and installed the current client from scratch. Loaded a character and selected Use Outdated Addons but it wouldn't save when I reloaded the UI. I have to select it from the character list Addon menu and it will work but only for the first character I load. When I log out of a character the option is not saved. I have to select it again just prior to logging in with each character. Checked my AddonSettings text file and the first two lines are:

#Version 100027
#LoadOutOfDateAddOns 1

Clearly my selecting to use out of date addons is being saved to this file. Thus I have to wonder, is the problem the version number?

Many thanks and best wishes for the coming year :)

  • bellanca6561n
    I feel strange answering my own post but ESO support was no use - they ask you to delete and reinstall addons as a reflex - and it was a strange problem that I can't blame them for.

    Only thing that had changed on my computer since I last installed the game was my anti-virus software, Bitdefender. Examining it I discovered it didn't just hunt for computer viruses. That would be what I'd be expecting them to do. Nope, it also, and rather aggressively, blocks your files from being altered.

    I could open up these configuration files, alter them, and save them. But if the ESO was to do this, Bitdefender would not only block it, but not tell me it was blocking it. I also couldn't save screenshots.

    Once I'd directed Bitdefender to leave my ESO stuff alone, all was well. And why wasn't the client reading that AddonSettings.txt file in the first place? Because the current version number is now 100029 which the client itself could update once it could write to that file again.

    In short, another case of something being not a bug but a feature...
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