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Dropbear Militia - Australian / New Zealand Guild Now Closed

  • anthonycwmak
    Would love to join. I am only level 24, hope it is ok.

    PSN: anthonycwmak
  • Markopolo1234
    Sure is mate I’ll get an invite sent through
  • janglesmom
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join your guild!

    PSN: crushoftheweakS
  • ex.nihilo03b14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Marko!

    I'm a US player that works night shift and I'd like to be able to play with people on the weekends. Very interested in the new expansion and making new friends. PSN = Whitedusk03
  • Markopolo1234
    Awesome mate, I will get an invite arranged for you and welcome aboard :-)
  • BlackStar300
    I would like to give the guild a try if you have a slot. I am a veteran player returning after 8 months and like helping out. I'm a NA resident in the PST time zone but do play late nights around the time you play and I do love Aussies and kiwis! I've met quite a few in ESO and other MMOs and they are always amazing to talk to!

    PSN is BlackStar300 (the L is an i )
  • ACuriousAltmer
    Soul Shriven
    Australian player here who would love to join.

    PSN: MagicalArcticOwl
  • Markopolo1234
    Ok not a prob mate, I’ll get an invite organised
  • Kayden2667
    Soul Shriven
    Plse invite me <<< Perth @Kayden2667
  • Markopolo1234
    Awesome mate I’m also in Perth :-) ok we’ve tried to send twice but it’s failing are you in NA or EU server ?
  • shangxin
    Singapore (about same timezone) active player here looking for an invite.

    PSN: shangxin
  • Markopolo1234
    Hey mate I’ll get you an invite arranged ASAP :-)
  • trickkyy
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I’m an Aussie player looking for active players to play with send a invite psn: jcuptrick 👍🏻
  • Markopolo1234
    I’ll get an invite sorted mate
  • theedge828
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Mate, Im in Aus as well. Any chance of a invite cheers.

    PSN: theedge828

  • Markopolo1234
    Sure mate I’ll get an invite sent :-)
  • FusRoGa
    Hi mate can I get an invitation too? I’m currently in HK similar time zone plus lived in Melbourne a couple of years ago!
  • Markopolo1234
    My apologies for the late reply as I have had phone issues but for sure mate if your still willing I’ll get you an invite ASAP :-)
  • Destille82
    Soul Shriven
    Hey mate, are you guys still recruiting? I am a returning player who is looking for an active Aus based guild.

    Psn: Destille82
  • Markopolo1234
    Hi Destille82, unfortunately no the guild has moved on and the players are in different guilds now. I am unable to delete this thread.
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