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Haven't played since Murkmire

Hey all! Played the game pretty heavily in the past but not since this past spring. I preordered the expansion but never got to try it due to real life but super pumped to try a necro! Its been awhile so I had a few questions. How are magicka necros for dps? What are the highest pve damage dealers?

Before I quit playing my main was a sorc werewolf and a magicka warden and I progressed far enough to do veteran dungeons/start trials. I see werewolves had a looooot of changes. Are they still viable?

What about monster sets? Are there new ones?

If there's anything else you think I should know feel free to share! Thanks for the help!

  • UntilValhalla13
    You don't really see many werewolves as much anymore. Mines been collecting dust for quite a while. Marseelok is a decent monster set for stam players, if you bash weave occasionally.
  • thadjarvis
    Highest parsing classes are Stamcro then Stamplar. The rest are all pretty tight (within 2% of each other).

    Werewolves were toned down quite a bit. Still used but they are not seen in difficult PvE content and rare outside of low level/low MMR battlegrounds in PvP.

    Magden's on the other hand went from being laughed at bottom barrel DPS to pugging into strangers' HM vet DLC trials.

    Magcro is desired in mixed and mag stacking groups bc at least 3 necros in trial groups is highly beneficial.
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