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How to post actual suggestions guide

Dear Forumer,

You have an idea that would improve the game ? Great, let's go to the forums and share it with the community !

Step1 But... wait... is it really a good idea ?
Here is a quick guideline to check:

1) Does it impact the whole gameplay ?
a) yes, it's a gamechanger
b) no, it's only pve/pvp/class/race/build/...
c) it has no impact on gameplay

2) Have you considered side-effects ?
a) yes, I have listed (realistic) balance changes required/implied
b) I don't care about pve/pvp/other class/race/build/... , I don't play it - I'll let them figure out something
c) It shouldn't impact anything else - or it's a bug

3) If it impacts only a single class/race/build, is it balanced ? Can you compare it to another existing thing which performs significantly better ?
a) yes, this thing is clearly unbalanced, and compared to that, it's ridiculous, and there is no real other option available
b) no, I know there are other options, but I'd rather have them all here, it would be simpler for me

Let's check, you have a maximum of:
a) your idea seems ready for a post.
b) you should probably reconsider that idea - won't it create the exact opposite suggestion from another player ?
c) you spend a bit too much time decorating your house or dressing your character, but you can go to step 2.

Step2 Post that idea

- Create a new post, give it clear title what it's about. A generic title may gather curious people, but people that actually agree with you may just not notice another "Hey the game needs a change" thread without more specific aim.
- Consider this is supposedly a unique thread, either your personal take on a precise topic, or a fresh new point nobody adressed before. Try to avoid double-post (if you can see a similar topic in the first pages, answer, don't create a new post).

- Start with a short description of the issue, 1 phrase.
- Describe further, give example(s), compare situations.

- Provide possible solutions, give pros and cons for each, directly reject non-viable solutions to your issue
- Try to order all this in your first post. Give your phrases a bit of space, nobody wants to go through a 20-line brick of text without punctuation.

- Read again that post, adjust if needed (mistyping is your first enemy in forums)
- Clear ? Click "Post"

Hope this helps in some way :smile:
  • MerguezMan

    Step3 Avoid post-ception

    You can edit your own post by clicking the wheel on top-right corner.

    So you don't answer to yourself, which looks weird. Doesn't it ?
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