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Mead and related furnishings

Well the general consensus is that we are heading somewhere cold yes.

Therefore we will need the warming touch of the fine local brew - mead.

We will all be travelling to this cold place from different homes and traditions.

Therefore it is more than possible some of us might want to make our own mead rather than just drink the local stuff.

For this there are a few housing furnishings that are very essential. This one asks to please include as many of these as possible;

Bees - like the flocks of butterflies that are already around
Jars of honey
A range of distinctive and suitable bottles

Khajiit herself has many ideas for what she might brew - the family Claws already having a wine tub at the temple and Sugar Island, where we produce delicious moon sugar rum.

Moon sugar mead sounds a very sweet prospect yes?

Perhaps you might have your own furnishing suggestions to add to this? Perhaps you have an idea of the very special mead you might brew yourself no?

Yours with paws
Santie Claws
Shunrr's Skooma Oasis - The Movie. A housing video like no other ...
Find it here -

Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!
  • Minyassa
    *Please* yes, I second this request. Especially the beehives and bees! And it would be lovely to have some nice glass carboys with fermentation locks in my cellar, filled with mead-in-progress (or red wine, that would be nice too)!
  • ixie
    Yes please, I've wanted bee hives since I saw the ones in Vvardenfell
    PC EU

    Ixie - Breton Nightblade
    Paints-With-Frogs - Argonian Nightblade
    Swee Troll - Crafter Dragonknight
  • PopotoSalad
    I'd also like grape vines for a winery. I mean, the model already exists, so please make it available to craft.
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