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My wish list to Santa...

1. Fix server performance in Cyrodil

Thank you Santa
  • Cireous
    Santa, could you please let others easily gift me crowns for Christmas? I would love it if I could just link someone an Amazon page where they could get me a crown-giving gift card for ESO, PC version. I'd also like to imagine a day when I can walk into a Target, up to their massive gift certificate booth, and pull down an ESO crown card off the shelf. You guys do realize you're one of the most popular MMO's out there, right?

    Still waiting to nudge people into giving me the gift of more ESO stuff, for 5-1/2 years now... o:)

    Until then, I have settled on asking for crappy Amazon gift cards to buy less exciting things.

  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    If you're already asking for money in the form of gift cards why not simply cut out the gift card and ask for money XD
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  • Delphinia
    Dear Zanta,

    I really love that mount you brought me last year! Soooo sparkly.. and I couldn't wait to take him out for a run in Cyrodiil!
    However, this year, all I am asking for is a remedy for this bug he now seems to have picked up from me... I can never let him roam free out there again.. perhaps you've heard of this terrible virus going around.. seems to be quite catchy.. it's called "Combat" bug.. poor thing... he's at home resting with my countless other beautiful horses, senches, wolves, etc.
    None of them to see the light of day unless you deliver an antidote this Christmas...

    Delph on the Shelf

    p.s. sorry about last year... I didn't know that was you .. you probably should announce yourself before just sliding down a chimney in Cyrodiil...
    and I'd suggest wearing more neutral colors... you can probably still do the white and black accents, but maybe not so much red when delivering to that neck of the woods...
    I hope you were able to get the scorch marks out of your trousers...
    Edited by Delphinia on December 20, 2019 6:14AM
  • Ghostbane
    1. Fix server performance in Cyrodil

    Thank you Santa

    Santa is on the case.
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  • Delsskia
    Dear Santa,

    I'm not frivolous so I'll just ask for some necessities. You see, my Orc needs dental work something awful but I can't even find a dental hygienist, muchless a dentist or orthodontist. Could you please have some of your Altmer go to a dental college? Thanks Santa.

  • TheImperfect
    Dear Santa,
    Please perform the Black sacrament on Stuga

    OK my real wish for New Life. Make furnishing easier. Make smaller movements in placing possible and it easier to place items. In particular make 90 and 180 degree turns of items easier. Make it possible to magically light areas when placing objects so you can see what you are doing.
    Edited by TheImperfect on December 21, 2019 12:24AM
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