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Simple Fix, for Alliance War Point Scoring (Variable Time Range DB View)

A common issue that seems to be brought up among the forums around alliance wars, centers around Scoring for alliance wars.

A simple programing fix, would be to create a variable time range applied to the database table containing faction points by faction.
Then the user interface would be a time range that you can apply to the Overview Tab, Scoring.
Start time, End time

Then say your guild plays from 4 pm, to 6 pm, you could then query a report, in the Scoring Tab, that looks at the points accumulated during for the 30 day period in the time frame inputted.
Or say you wanted to see who is winning during prime time, or late night.
While it is not an end all be all fix, it would bring localized meaning to those who play for score.

Not being "add on" programmer, I don't know if this would be possible with an addon, I did once ask the Support group to allow me to use an macro application that would come in capture scoring at a certain time on an automated schedule, via screen capture to reverse it. TOS does not allow so..

Perhaps enough people like the idea, who knows, maybe ZOS.... lol.. well maybe.. at least give them the benefit to say no.. or ignore.

But only say yea if you think its a good idea. It just that an idea.

P.S. This discussion thread is for folks who play for score, discussions relate to playing for score vs not, should be posted in other threads.

Warm Regards,


  • Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO
    Or you could just use your eyes and brain to see "oh we had a huge points boost overnight I guess we night capped"
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  • TheFM
    Solution is far easier than that. Reduce points depending on imbalance of factions.

    Say X nightcaps in pc eu. reduce points dramatically earned for X depending on the population of faction Y and Z.

    The factions that ARE the underdogs need to get the bonuses that emp team currently has, so they are able to pull themselves out of the hole easier. Stacking power to the dominating team is the most ridiculous concept ever.
    Edited by TheFM on December 17, 2019 4:56PM
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