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I'm bitten by a werewolf but no quest

Saw when i checkd my char that I was bitten by a werewolf but I have no quest and don't know what to do to get started. Any input appreciated.
  • mague
    At some wayshrines someone will suddenly talk to you.
    Rawl'kha wayshrine is a good start. I think its a nord girl...
    Edited by mague on December 17, 2019 11:35AM
  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Thank you mague
  • JanTanhide
    If I remember correctly...if you were infected in The Rift then go to Riften to the front of the Fighters Guild. There is a statue in front of the building where the NPC quest giver will appear. For Vampirism infection you would go to the gate in Riften where the guard is standing for the Vamp NPC quest giver.

    If you were infected in Rawkla (spelling) then at the wayshrine there the NPC Werewolf quest giver will be waiting for you. Vampire infection once again will be at the gate to Rawkla.

    For the other zone (really early here...wracking my brain) it's in Malabal Tor in the town of Baandari Trading post. Same thing...wayshrine for Werewolf NPC and the gate to the town for the Vampire NPC quest giver.

    The W.W. quest giver will be there turns into a Daily quest. Vampire quest giver is a one time thing per infection by Blood Fiends.

    Have fun!
  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Thanks Jan
  • driosketch
    Based on your alliance, travel to the wayshrine in Riften, Evermore (south wayshrine), or Rawl'ka. NPC will be standing in front. I turned a couple characters just this past summer.
    Main: Drio Azul ~ DC, Redguard, Healer/Magicka Templar ~ NA-PC
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  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Thank you driosketch
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