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big events to come?

Since ESO will eventually have to come to an end, due to eventually impeding on the events of previous games that are technically in ESO's future. What are some of the major events we might see happen, before the lore hits already established events?
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I'm really, genuinely sorry to have to tell you this, but ESO happens in the year 2E 582. All of it. The devs have said. As far as time is concerned ESO isn't going anywhere. As things stand we're not even going to see 2E 583.
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  • Kingdaboss123
    I am pretty sure meridia still has our characters soul.
  • Iccotak
    ESO takes place over 250 years before the rule of Tiber Septim in the second era.

    Elder Scrolls 1-5 all take place in the late 3rd era to early 4th era.

    yeah were fine, there's plenty that can happen in the next real 10-15 years
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