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vMA: easiest class to quick complete?

I've run it countless times on magsorc and magblade and they are very capable of completing. Just curious if there is a "faster, better" option than either of these two classes and if so, what general build / bar concept are you doing to complete.
twitter: @mursieftw
  • fossoyer
    Templar Magika.
    Julianos, burning spellweave and grothar.
    Fire vma staff and fire spellweave staff.
    Good selfheal, aoe, finisher and rush with interupt.
  • kylewwefan
    I thaught the fastest guys we’re going in on stamblade.

    But they do things a bit different at that level of play not many are gonna be able to do I think.

    Like using silver leash to pull ranged ads in and absolutely nuking and destroying bosses at ridiculously fast pace.

    If you’re under an hour for a run, that’s pretty good afaic.
  • simple_specops
    Magicka templar
    Plenty of sets to choose from but monster helm I highly recommend iceheart
  • Shanehere
    Stamsorc has been the fastest for me. I usually will just run Velidreth/Hundings/VO.

    Hurricane and Deadly Cloak with Crit surge is your healing, have vigor or dark deal maybe as a back up.

    Group mobs up and silver leash the ranged adds and just spam whirlwind for trash. Super easy and effective.
  • sudaki_eso
    I agree about the stamSorc, great aoe, self heal and mob control. Make sure crit surge is up all the time and you are good to go, like @Shanehere said, maybe vigor as a backup. Someone experienced will run vmsa in half an hour:
    PS4 EU - StamDK
  • ShadowKyuubi
    Yeah, if you are 100% confident in your abilities: stamsorc or stamcro are your best options for time I think.
  • NyassaV
    Sorc, Templar, and Nightblade
    Flawless Conqueror ~ Alliance Warlord
    She/Her ~ PC/NA
    I record things for fun and for info
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