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Is Meditate considered as Bad manners in Cyro in 1v1 situations?

  • universal_wrath
    Bdawwg wrote: »
    How does the skill work exactly?
    You activate and boom the resources are restored or it’s a channel like dark exchange?

    It is a channel like dark deal, except it does not cost anything and it returns all stat. The channel remain as long as you want it to be until you get inturepted or cancel it.
  • Hexquisite
    Many 1vX builds, use this with LOS. I guess you could choose to use this situationally, but it's open world, chances are that if you are being honorable, some other players will have no honor and will roll up and make your 1v1 or 1v2 a 1vx as soon as they see crossswords on the map. So if you took it off your bar, then you don't have that option when the party arrives to slaughter you.

    I took Living Dark off my bar because I thought it was cheese, but when getting zerged I often wish I had it lol.

    Many players have a duel build and an open world build. If they really want to 1v1 you--or your both were having fun and want to continur, invite them to Stormhaven or your house--agree on what can be used behorehand.

    An aside : Sometimes you just can't win, this weekI had a NB try to gank me and I used a Detect pot to find and kill him, and he said I had no honor because I used a detect pot.
    PC NA
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  • PapaWeeb
    I build for 1vX when I'm playing in Cyro, and any build of mine with meditate in probably somewhat relies on it for sustain. I'd use it in a 1v1if I couldn't sustain otherwise.

    Plenty of people run around in duel builds that only work 1v1 or with safety in numbers, I find that more annoying than some tank you can't kill
    PC EU
  • Major_Lag
    Grimick wrote: »
    My opinion is that in open-world cyrodiil nothing is off-limits or bad manners. Now in an organized 1:1 situation, I might take it off- but there is nothing wrong with running your open-world build during a "1v1" in the open world. Nobody is expecting you to change gear every fight.
    ^ This. ^

    Actual duels have their own code of conduct - there, using "cheese" gear like Meridia's or TK, or abilities like Meditate, is a quick way to get banned from every duelling tournament ever.

    But Cyrodiil is not a duelling ground. Sure, you can "duel" there... just don't expect others to not interfere, what with it being a large scale war zone.

    Open-world, anything is fair game. All of those sets and abilities have been provided for everyone to use as they see fit.

    Not everyone uses a damage-oriented build, either.
    If someone's playing a permablocking "wet noodle tank", or a healer, or a countersiege ganker NB, is that not as equally valid as playing a solo/DPS build?
    You might not be able to kill them... just as they might not be able to kill you. Not all open world fights are winnable, even in principle - even if limited to 1v1. (example: wet noodle tank vs wet noodle tank)
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Using skills the way they were intended in situations they're intended for isn't bad manners? If your build struggles to deal with cloak, meditate, permablock, there's nothing more to it than that.

    Someone isn't "disrespecting" you with their skill build. Someone killing you doesn't mean they are 100% better at pvp than you (especially in open world/battlegrounds). PvP builds are complex with mixed strengths & weaknesses. Adapt, and don't take it personally

    The only BM in pvp is flaming people. (and maybe camping, but that's rare)

    Edit: I mean when people meditate JUST to prove you can't kill them ... honestly just take it as a joke and move on
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    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • Mayrael
    There are skills and sets that are shinning in some situations, but I would never call using them as bad manners. That's the part of the game - to find most optimal, fitting your needs setup.

    IMHO number one when it goes to bad manners in duels is using LoS which source doesn't come from your setup e.g. rocks, trees, wall corners, towers etc.

    Another thing is trying to play dirty, intentionally moving towards NPC guards or group of friends in hope they will interfere etc.

    Rage whisps, threats etc. are always bad manners, doesn't matter if it was because of 1v1, 1vX or Xv1.
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

    Mael Nightshadow - that's all you need to know.
  • InaMoonlight
    (Sorry didn't read all the comments) I'd say it is - as someone else said that cloak was un-cool, I once witnessed an epic duel at Davons Watch wayshrine, NB vs. a dk... DK ofc utilized all his burst, NB held their own for over half an hour, getting low on resources, the nb cloaked, and hid between the rocks next to the wayshrine - slowly regaining his health as he was on CD on pots and he'd blown his ulti... In my world, that was totally okay cause that's whats the class is kinda about...

    He was between the rocks everyone trying to turn their chars to look away to not out him, dk running around looking franticly, duel still active cause the nb hadn't moved out of the ring, when he'd rested a little, jumps out from the rocks and ambushes the dk, the battle only lasted like five minutes longer, the NB won knowing how to use their class... and I'm STILL laughing my sittingdevice of over it to this day.

    OFC it's okay, you use the tools at hand short of exploits ;)

    Edit: Typomaina as usual :D
    Edited by InaMoonlight on December 5, 2019 10:59AM
    Edit = Typos ... as usual. <;D
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