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Looking for people or a guild to rp with

Soul Shriven
As the title says im looking for people or possibly a guild of people to rp with.
Im on PC NA and my timezone is cst but I can usually be on at anytime on weekends.
Im fairly new to the game and currently i have summerset and just acquired the elswer expansion so I would love a mentor.
My character is an earth magic focused redguard warrior that wants to achieve his life goal of becoming a mountain.
I would love it if i could find a mentor to RP with especially someone who focuses on earth based magic and abilities.
  • Iphin
    I highly recommend that you have a look at the ESO-RP Enjin site:

    ESO has a large and thriving RP community with plenty of guilds and individuals to reach out to. I'm an officer in of the larger guilds on the NA PC server and can say that there is an option for just about anything you're looking for!
    "Those who believe in Telekinesis, raise my hand."
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