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Colossal Aldmeri Grotto and other massive area housing.

It has become apparent (IMO whilst furnishing my grotto) that the furnishing limits for massive area houses are woefully inadequate to do such dwellings justice! I have been trying to think of ideas that could solve the inadequate furnishing limits in this type of housing.
I freely admit I have no idea what is/isn't doable on the dev side of the game so any thoughts are just musings of a frustrated player.
The simplest solution would just to have a larger limit but I feel this again would result in a number that may/may not be enough.
This in turn led me to think about what if the areas were modular i.e. structures, structures/grounds, structures/grounds/special? If each area had it's own limit then colossal aldmeri grotto would have something like 2.5-3 times limit due to, structures/buildings 1xlimit, grounds/cave beach water 1xlimit and special/ship ship structures .5-1x limit. As I say these are only ideas but I would appreciate thoughts other players have on this matter.
  • Araneae6537
    Agreed! Most notable homes are waaay too large for a limit of 700 items. I would much rather purchase a smaller home with a relatively higher item limit — why in the world would I want to pay more for space I would have to block off or leave much emptier than I would wish???

    I think your suggestion could work for homes with areas already separated by doors, such as the Psijic Villa, Tel Galen, Wraithhome and others, but not open land for building, and here slots are needed all the more to both create building(s) and furnish them. Perhaps the limit could be raised specifically for small simple non-animated furnishings? Is nearly 2D spoon really the same system cost as a large 3D tree for instance? Another solution besides raising the item limit (which I do feel should at least be an at-your-own-risk option for many homes) would be more filled bookcases, cupboards, etc. as well as a LOT more structural furnishing elements, including perhaps some prebuilt rooms, towers, etc. that could be finished by themselves or connected and added on to to create customer structures in a variety of styles.
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