Would you kick stamden?

From trial/vet group, if he do not use bulls netch? Just curious.

Thinking to roll stamden who doesn not use bulls netch (be it tank ot dd build). Bulls netch as an ability stays my hand - its a no no for me visually. So as a competitive player both in pve and pvp,I wonder are there any substitutes to it. I know its *** stong, but still.
  • redspecter23
    I would not kick someone for not using a bull netch. It might affect your sustain, but in most content, that won't matter much. If you were to be doing the top tier endgame content or hyper coordinated pvp, you might be expected to do certain things by your raid lead and if it's a problem for you at that point, you have options such as finding another group, going with a different class or running the raid yourself.
  • Valabrog
    I just wonder, wount that be too strange for my future teammates - a stamden without netch - like if you see dd in a group with 3 green orbs circling around him :) I saw sich thing in vet dungeon once, it stll haunts me at nights...
  • Keylun
    There’s other forms to brutality such as rally and pots. I wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t using Netch or care
  • Asardes
    Depends how he plays. It would hamper sustain quite a lot in practice.
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  • idk
    It comes down to on thing, can they dish out the dps while dealing with mechanics. No raid leader worth their salt will absolutely require anything if the player could get it done.

    Top players do not use Alcasts builds. They test out their own to find out what works best. I have seen completely different builds obtain the same dps as what was the top build for that class before.

    If you can get it done fine but it is also a good idea to level up that netch regardless.
    Really, idk
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