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Soul Shriven


We are committed to provide our members a stable gaming experience with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving on all levels with any type of content.

Language: English
Primary Communication: Discord
Platform: PS4 and PC
Recruitment: Open
Date Founded: March 2015
Who we are

MAGIC was established at Game Launch June of 2015. We are a mature, LGBT friendly guild looking for more friendly players both new and veteran to enjoy ESO with. We are currently recruiting new players for PS4 NA server Guilds I, II, III and IV (IV NA server into Elder Scrolls Online for PC platform) who want to learn about the game and veteran players who enjoy helping and leading others. Guild Members are expected to be doing their best to make all of MAGIC all that it can be. We value the knowledge that veteran players have to offer and would love to have you share your achievements and experience with us and players who are new to the game. You will not come into our Guild to abuse or use our members. There is a 0-tolerance policy for abusive behavior of any kind within the Guild. This is NOT the place for those who are not loyal. We believe that having a guild that knows and respects each other makes the game far more enjoyable! This encourages other members to be active and helps to form a positive identity for the Guild within the game. We also believe that it is important to have players who enjoy helping others and want to pass on the knowledge that they have gathered during their time in Elder Scrolls Online.

MAGIC Guild primary goals:

1. To Develop a group competent, efficient, skillful and helpful player to run Dungeons, Pledges, Trails, and PvP with. In order to ensure we are successful, it is very important that every player understands that no matter what guild you join you will only get out of it what you put in. It is impossible to maintain an active guild without the support and investment of its members.

2. To Help new players learn about everything that ESO has to offer in a positive, supportive and learning environment. In order to promote an active guild environment, it is vital that players greet, respond and engage in conversations with other members in the guild chat. The MAGIC Guild is dedicated to helping all players achieve their ingame goals, become more experience and developing into something more than your average player.

What we offer

Guild Functions & Activities:

- Planned Events with great Rewards and Prizes!
- Private Raid test house
- Private -DPS test house lag free testing
- Veteran Hard mode, Veteran and Normal Trials
- Dungeons/sets farming (very organized, scheduled via our Discord, members can sign up on a roster or request help for their wanted set/monster set and we schedule dungeons runs every day)
- We have a guild hall furnished with all crafting stations including transmutation, enchant, provisioning, dye station, training dummies, banker, and merchant.
- We are happy to offer help crafting for our members
- We also have a Community page, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Discord server
- Pledges Run
- lorebook and Skyshard hunting
- Mentorship program designed to further help our members with class/roles when they need it!
- Casual social community with mature members and officers always willing to give a hand to those in need of it.
-Vampire and werewolf bites are free.
- We even have interior Decorators and Master Crafters.

Who we are not

- We choose to encourage rather than criticize and will never belittle someone for asking questions.
- We will never kick someone out of a group for making a mistake or having a low level.
- We do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior or negative remarks directed at others and doing so will get you kicked immediately.

Who we look for

Recruiting new ESO or Veteran players looking for a friendly guild to learn and grow with, also enjoy helping/leading others, then this is the guild for you. Our recruitment process is simple and straightforward, no fees, no prerequisites, no Drama, but we always make sure to keep a healthy and mature (also fun of course!) environment among our ranks.
* You must be 18+ with a mic, active and social as a pre-requisite
* You are expected to remain active and social with your fellow Guild Members.
- Friendly people who’re willing to join in guild events and help fellow guild members.
- People who want to meet new people and make friends.
- People would be willing to help their fellows.
- Crafters of any skill to help guild mates.
- Any and all roles are welcome however we’re especially in need of trial tanks.
- Those who aren’t interested in trials or don’t have much experience are also welcome to join as well.

What to consider

-The guild bank is locked down and for donations only. We do ask for donation items of good quality, such as purple furnishing plans, gold mats, high-level crafting mats, alchemy mats, master writs. We support ourselves through donations (no weekly fees/dues) from members, Plunder runs, raffles, and weekly guild text chat auctions.

Why choose us?

-Our goal is to build active community, meet people all around the world while in the same time enjoy our shared love to the TESO world, lore and online game. If you are interested, please leave a reply with your PSN name and we will get you a guild invite as soon as possible!

Contact information:

Website: https://magiceso.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/RnYuaNS
GM PSN: rumbo_seagul88
Guild Master Email: [email protected]
Druids PSN: Swift_Reason
Web Master Email: [email protected]
Social Media operations PSN: OMEGALIGHT18
Web Email: [email protected]

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    Soul Shriven
    I’m interested in joining this guild. How do I get an invitation? PS4/PSN: DOCBATSEA
  • ApeMan911
    Soul Shriven
    New ESO player looking to enjoy and learn the game. Veteran of many MMOs just new here.

    PSN: ApeMan911
  • shangxin
    Active player from Singapore looking for invite.

    PSN: shangxin
    Would appreciate invite.

    PSN iiolykosii (all in caps)
    PC NA - GreggsSausageRoll
    Xbox NA - CinnamonRoll266
  • Shepoffire
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