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Take your lumps quest Southern Elsweyr


does anyone know where the "Take your lumps" quest in Southern Elsweyr starts? I want to complete the Topal Corsair outfit and in the wardrobe section it says that one part is obtainable through this quest. I have been all over Southern Elsweyr but I just can't find the Queststarter.
  • Brigda
    No one seems to know. Someone told me that they found the lumpy sack by a stream, but I've had no luck.
  • Froil
    Waterfall east of Black Heights.
    Edited by Froil on October 29, 2019 1:05AM
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  • Aisleyne
    I found it by heading to the skyshard on the waterfalls that go down toward Black Heights. I had started from the northern dragon location farthest to the west. If you start there and just continue west you can follow the stream down. You should see the sack to your left before you go too far.

    I've gone back to get a map for you. It's no longer there for me obviously, so this may not be perfectly exact. Should be pretty close though.

    Edited by Aisleyne on October 29, 2019 1:12AM
  • Lady_Lindel
    I'm pretty sure I found it when I was following rivers to get the skyshard just east of Black Heights. It was a note in the grass, not right on the river's edge but close to it. So maybe explore that area. Hope I remember it right. Good luck:)
  • Enodoc
    There are two options to start this quest, both near where Aisleyne has marked. You can either find the sack on the ground, or you can kill Brokk the Smuggler, an Elite enemy (one pip) who can be found just at the exit of the cave that goes under the fort where the dragon lands. He drops the Lumpy Sack.
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