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[Request:] Move back invisible walls around Gorinir Estate

I would really like to build on some of the flatter rocky areas surrounding the Gorinir Estate but the invisible walls all around are rather prohibitive in this regard. I am hoping that moving these should not be difficult to do nor effect the builds of the many players who have this property but allow everyone more options. :)

Here is one area in the far back left of the property that I would especially like to build in (please pardon the smudges in the lower left -- I forgot to turn off my UI for this shot):

I imagine some invisible walls are placed because going further would reveal unfinished areas, but surely moving the invisible walls in the back to the towering rock face would create no such problem! I would love to have access to this entire ledge, from where my character stands to the giant tree. Currently only a very narrow space at the edge is accessible.

This is a lovely estate and I appreciate how customizable it is! :) The placed rocks and plants look very nice but I was all the more pleased to discover that they were furnishings that I could move as I saw fit. Thank you!
  • Zypheran
    Pushing back the invisible boundaries here would make a major difference. Particularly on the back wall where the invisible boundary is so far away from the physical cliff face.
    In general, devs should revisit many of the original houses now and re-evaluate invisible boundaries where they appear to clash with the physical environment.
    The roof of Sister of Sands
    The ledge at EarthTear
    The cliff at Boulder Tree
    But alas, I have come to accept that ZOS will not put resources into improving housing.
    Housing has never been considered an actual playable part of this game by its designers but rather has a novelty that can be aggressively monetized :(
    All my housing builds are available on YouTube
    I am happy to share the EHT save files for most of my builds.
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