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Witches Festival Writ Worth 2019

Soul Shriven
Hey ya'll!
Regarding this newest event, the witches festival (2019)....

I've looked far and wide and can't find anyone selling these "Witches festival writ". I managed to find one guild, and the guy was selling his "Witches festival writ", with a reward of 1 voucher, for 28k. I know this is a brand spankin' new item, but what could these possibly be worth? Why are no guild traders selling them? Is it because they're so rare? Is it because they are junk and nobody wants them? Is it because they fly off the shelves as soon as they're listed? Is my "Witches Festival Writ", worth 20 writ vouchers, actually worth 20 times as much as the single reward one?

I've got it on the market in Lilmoth on XB1, but am considering joining a guild with a better trader location to sell it quick. The worth of the item isn't even on my wonderful ESO price guide app yet. Let me know what ya'll think. I have found literally ZERO info on the interweb about it.

Peace all.
  • VaranisArano
    Well, everyone who wants to do them is saving them, hoping to get 28 before the festival ends. The only people selling are the ones who dont care or want to scalp the impatient with high prices.

    As for the appropriate price, you can buy 1 writ for 1 Event Ticket. So look at how much the Crown to Gold ratio for your platform/server is, and figure out how much gold it would cost to get an Event Ticket gifted to you. That's the maximum gold you should be willing to spend at a guild store.
  • WhitestBoyUkno
    Soul Shriven
    Update: Sold in Zone chat for 15k. Could I be single-handedly setting the bar for all prices for the rest of the event, considering my reddit post and this are the only two on the topic thus far this year? Time will tell friends.....time will tell.
  • Alphawolf01A
    I've been to every major town with a trading hub and found no writs whatsoever at some towns, only to find a handful of people who belong to a group of the major guilds selling 10-20 writs each for 30k to 100k per writ. People are going around buying up all the writs and then selling them for insanely inflated prices. I really hate the greedy opportunistic people in this game.
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