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[PS4/NA] Looking for 2 others to do progression DLC dungeons with

My boyfriend and I had our own little group going with 2 other guildmates. The last thing we progressed on was vBRP but we didn't complete it (was on the second to last round) before one of the two members stopped playing ESO. The other seems to not be interested in progressions at all but my boyfriend and I still are.

What we are looking for:
- 1 DPS (who also has a good tank character)
- 1 Healer (who can do some DPS when healing is not needed and have a DPS character when a healer is not needed for a dungeon)

We will look at your trophies to see if you have:
- Completed vMA
- Completed Any 1 vet trial
- Completed vDSA
- Completed any 4 DLC dungeons on vet

I have an office job and weekends off so my schedule is fixed but my boyfriend does not so we would have to schedule around him more often than myself.

Your DPS doesn't have to be crazy high, just have awareness of your surroundings and learn mechanics because your DPS won't matter if you are dead.

Max CP would be great but if you can do all the following I mentioned above then great! We wont hold your CP against you.

Most importantly:
Be chill! We are looking for mature, respectful adults who keep chat clean and casual.

Please PM ME with your PSN name and not comment here.

Thank you for your time!
    Your friendly neighborhood crazy cat lady of ESO
    New PSN name: SundariTheLast. Proud seller in RedEye Empire, PURPLE GANG and Backalley Trading.
    AD High Elf Mageblade DPS (General)(Former Empress) -- Stormproof/VMOL, VHOF, VDSA completion
    AD Khajiit Mageblade DPS -- Flawless Conquerer
    • asalemi
      My resume is on Linkden.
    • kylewwefan
      *walks in the door

      I’ll see myself out.

      I’ve done this 100 times. Maybe we could get something going.
    • Chiefpoppasquat
      Psn chiefpoppasquatt have vdsa vma and trial clears 740 Cp played for 3 years just coming back from break. Have dps and tank
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