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Healer Build for my Argonian Templar (Need Suggestions)

Im just recently getting out of my PvP Healing days. Im looking to PvE heal again. Unfortunately the few people i have come across have mentioned my build is out dated, which I figured would happen. Ill put my set up below. This set up was before the change to make staffs count as 2 items instead of 1.

Front Bar: Asylum Restro

Back Bar: Asylum Restro

Head: Infallible Aether

Shoulder: Infallible Aether

Chest: Spell Power Cure

Legs: Spell Power Cure

Hands: Spell Power Cure

Waist: Spell Power Cure

Feet: Spell Power Cure

Neck: Infallible Aether

Ring: Infallible Aether

Ring: Infallible Aether

Im thinking my new set up will be something like:

Front Bar: Worm Cult or Sanctuary (depending on need)

Back Bar: Worm Cult or Sanctuary (depending on need)

Head: Bogdan Nightflame

Shoulder: Bogdan Nightflame

Chest: Vestment of Olorime (Which is the better version of SPC)

Legs: Vestment of Olorime (Which is the better version of SPC)

Hands: Vestment of Olorime (Which is the better version of SPC)

Waist: Vestment of Olorime (Which is the better version of SPC)

Feet: Vestment of Olorime (Which is the better version of SPC)

Neck: Worm Cult or Sanctuary (depending on need)

Ring: Worm Cult or Sanctuary (depending on need)

Ring: Worm Cult or Sanctuary (depending on need)
Xbox NA
CP 810+
EP - Healer
EP - Negate Tank
EP - Magsorc
EP - MagWarden
EP - StamDK
EP - NightBladeSniper
EP - HarmonyCro
  • r3turn2s3nd3r
    It's really going to depend on what content. 4 man, if you are going as healer, you should really be all buff based as possible. Olo / IA (if you are not a warden) / Symphony. Seeing as a lot of groups run 1 tank / 3 dds for this type of content if you're not bringing full on buff build and contributing to dps you'd probably just be passed over for a competent self healing dd.

    For trials, again going to depend on group composition. If the group is running a warden healer, IA isn't even needed as a warden can replace that 5 piece with a single skill. The staple sets you should have available as a trial healer are going to be Olorime, IA (if no warden), Jorvulds, Mending, Worm / Hircine's Veneer. Symphony of Blades / Bogdan are the two more common monster sets right now.

    Worm and Hircine's depends again on group composition. If you run stam heavy, worm is basically useless and if you are mag heavy then Hircine's is basically useless.

    Master's staff is going to be preferred over Asylum staff. You should not have recovery issues as a pve healer. I have not seen a serious pve healer running Sanctuary at progression level, the range is a legitimate issue in a lot of content due to fights becoming more mobile, you simply will find it difficult to maintain 10 meter range.
  • stileanima
    In my opinion, Sanctuary isn't needed for any content, even Veteran raids. Its radius is quite small, and healing output without it is more than enough (the more that you run PvE content, you will start to see if people die it's largely due to a lack of understanding of mechanics/poor positioning). If you ever do find that there seems to not be enough healing to heal through certain "heal test" mechanics, I recommend that you see what you can change regarding your "rotation" in those specific moments, and also make sure people are standing where they should be in order to receive adequate healing.

    Good 5 piece sets to have as a healer are: Olorime, Hircine, Worm, Hollowfang, Z'en, Martial Knowledge, Infallible Aether (if there is no Warden in the group post-Dragonhold), Mending, Jorvuld, and Torug's Pact. There might also be some niche situations where you could use sets like Powerful Assault, Morag Tong or Meritorious Service.

    I'd say, though, for healing dungeons alone, you'd be set pairing Olorime with any of those, or maybe even with a set that allows you to contribute more damage (like False God, for example, or Mother's Sorrow, etc). In my opinion, there's no wrong answer for dungeons, especially pugs, as the "best" setup could very well depend on your group and the encounter.

    Good monster sets to have are: Sentinel of Rkugamz, Symphony of Blades, Bogdan, and Earthgore. You might find other sets useful here and there, again, depending on the fight.

    And for a staff, I highly recommend that you pick up the Master's Restoration Staff from Vet Dragonstar Arena as it will be the best option post-Dragonhold for offering your DDs sustain. If you find that it's not needed or maybe if you can't/don't feel like getting one, it doesn't really matter what you otherwise use.
    Edited by stileanima on October 17, 2019 6:17PM
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