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Dragonhold prologue NPC question (spoilers)

I have done the main quest and faction story lines a long time ago, so my char met Sai Sahan and Kasura.
During the MQ, I chose the Prophet as the sacrifice, so Sai Sahan was spared. (for me the Prophet was the obvious choice since the planemeld was mostly his fault and felt like each of the others had something useful to do if they live, like Sai rebuilding the abbey, etc, but that is an other discussion)

This prologue quest line was amazing, because it allowed me to revisit the Abbey, and it contained many references to the old main quest. The grappling bow is also awesome.

I wonder if there are people here who picked Sai as their sacrifice.

What is his story in the prologue? How did ZOS dealt with this? I am curious about what dialogue does he have in this situation :)

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  • MattT1988
    I picked Sai all those years ago purely because his sword you received was one of the best in the game at the time.

    Nothing much happens. It’s basically
    You: Sai! Your alive! What happened?
    Sai: No idea fam.
    You: Oh ok, about these maps......

    You’re not missing much.
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