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PlayStation 4 EU – Seeking/Offering Vampire or Werewolf Bite

  • GuidoSl
    And just when I was about to give up searching…I found bloodfiends, south of Rawl'kha on the side of the road, hiding behind a rock just before dawn. I let them kill me and it was done. :D
  • LowBapWarriorGR
    Looking for Vamp bite.

    PSN: LowBapWarriorGR

    High Elf- Aldmeri dominion. Contact in-game or here as a reply.

    Thank you in advance. :smile:
  • gelibolub
    Lf vampire bite i can give you a vampire bite in return :) id: burakgelibolu
    Edited by gelibolub on April 23, 2017 7:52PM
  • Aeorath
    Looking for contracting lycanthropy, if anyone would be so kind.

    PSN ID: Aeorath
    Character: Grathan - Daggerfall Covenant

    PS4 EU megaserver

    Thank you!

    PS: I can offer vampire bite to anyone interested.

  • mazdaclaes
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for a vampire bite
    Ps4 eu

    Psn: mazdaclaes

    Character: Nivenor Shadelock - aldmeri dominion

    Thanks in advance
  • flyniecom79
    I can give a vampire bite to anyone mail me psn: flynie79
  • fransrmalan
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for vampire bite. PS4 EU.
    PSN: Malfrans

  • Enragedmaster
    Free vampire bite , add me on PS4 and ill give it to you ((PSN : Salah__alhiddi)) EU
    Edited by Enragedmaster on January 9, 2018 4:18PM
  • Trashalovania
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for werewolf bite
    PSN: Trashalovania
    PS4 EU Megaserver
  • amotherscrime
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for Vampirism! Please and thank you!

    PSN: olywerxz
    Team: Aldmeri Dominion
    Server: EU server
    Current Location: Elden Root, Grahtwood
  • mizzle111
    Soul Shriven
    LF vampire bite. PS4 EU.
    PSN: cosmotoxic.
    Thank you in advance!
  • Elvoip
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for Vampire bite. PS4 EU

    PSN ID: Elvoip

  • Carthelion
    Looking for vampire bite for my new low level nightblade,

    PSN ID: Heket
  • ForTheEmpire
    I turn you to a vampire

    Message me here or on psn

    PSN ID : homer_snake
  • Rikkadir
    Can't believe the last post was April. Are you all Vampire/Werewolves? lol

    Looking for a werewolf bite, please

    PS4 EU Megaserver
    PSN ID: Rikkadir

    Location: Bangkorai shrine.

    Thank you.
  • SupremeLordAinz
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for Werewolf Bite in Reapers March :wink:
    Edited by SupremeLordAinz on July 11, 2019 8:33PM
    Main Character: Lord Rumare
    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
    Class: Necromancer
    Level: 838

    PSN Gamertag: SupremeLordAinz
    Consol: PS4
    Server: EU
  • deathrayconference
    Soul Shriven
    Offering vampire bites up to twice weekly on PS EU. I can transport you over to the Rift vampire shine if needed. PSN: DeathRayDolly
    PSN: DeathRayDolly

    Contact me on PSN if you need a free vampire bite! (EU server only).

    No champion toons yet, but playing almost daily.

    Torradana - Dark Elf Vampire NB (LV40ish)
    Slynerie - Dark Elf MagDK (LV20ish)
    Shashi-daro - Khajiit DW StamBlade (Just rolled)
    Lahgazra - Orc -2H StamDK (Just rolled)
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