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Checking for (near) overtaunt?

Recently started up my tank again. Got some learning and testing to do, so roaming Elsweyr overland content for now. The mass fights on dragons for example. If someone is really on the receiving end of the Dragon's wrath, carrying a sword and board and piercing the dragon then he is most likely actively tanking it. But it isn't always clear.

The addons I use seem not to register taunts of other players.
In other words: If I don't taunt but other players do, the mob doesn't show as taunted on my screen.

I understand that if a mob has been taunted three times within 15 seconds, by at least two different players, then on the third taunt the mob will become immune for other taunts for 15 seconds.
Basically attacking the player that executed the third taunt for 15 seconds.

Is there a way to see how many taunts (from self & other players) have been on a mob for a 15 second timeframe? Or whether the mob is already taunted by another player?

I use these two add-ons:
  • idk
    With WBs you can be fairly certain than anyone else with a taunt on their bar (or ice staff) is taunting the boss. I have seen tanks come in and are either oblivious or do not care (probably oblivious) than someone is tanking the boss and that is just life.

    The actual mechanic is if a third taunt occurs with more than 2 seconds remaining on the fist taunt the boss becomes immune. iirc, the duration of the over taunt is based on how much time is remaining on the first taunt.

    In other words, if you start tanking trials where boss swaps are required it is best to be in the habbit of refreshing your taunt with 2 seconds remaining on your prevoius taunt. This is important for fights like the final boss in vMOL where the MT needs to take the add and the OT needs to tank it back a few seconds later.
    Really, idk
  • BoraxFlux
    Thanks @idk , hoped that there was an easier way to track other player's taunts.

    Didn't know about the 2 seconds remaining, nice to keep in mind.
  • Watchdog
    I didn't know about the "overtaunt" mechanics.

    Thank you for the explanation.
    Member of Alith Legion:
  • BoraxFlux
    Some players find their own minigame in Elsweyr dragon-fights.
    Was tanking at dragonfights and received this:


    For those not familiar with dragon fights: one attack of the dragon is a cone shaped breath-attack, he will use that at whoever has pulled his 'attention' . It will hit anyone standing within the red, cone-shaped telegraph.

    Edited by BoraxFlux on October 12, 2019 11:40AM
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