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Xbox One - Elder Scrolls Online will not install

I've had the game for several years now and from time to time I have issues with the game where I need to remove and re-install the game. Most recently I begun getting an error that says something like, " Please verify your Xbox Gold, EA account or Xbox games access and try again ". Normally powering down by holding down the power button for 10 seconds and disconnecting the power cable for a few minutes would resolve this issue. I think I've done this step no less than 20 times due to this error coming up. Each time I did this, it seemed to work. I tried this recently several times and to no avail; my game would not load. So I proceeded to delete the game with the intention of re-installing it. The problem is; it doesn't show up in "Ready to Install" games.

I contacted Xbox One support via chat and spent about an hour running through troubleshooting steps, up to and including resetting my Xbox One to factory settings, removing all games and content from my Xbox. At this point the chat agent wanted to let me go as they didn't have any other steps to help in assisting me. I then arranged for a call to Xbox support and after some time waiting for their call I spoke with a phone rep. They verified my DLC purchases and they walked me through essentially the same steps only we also verified that another physical disc works in the Xbox.

Is there something else I can try? I've spent about four hours troubleshooting this issue so far. At this point I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on Crowns, store items and DLCs all together and now I can't install or play the game. The disc itself is in practically perfect condition with no scratches or blemishes at it hardly if ever leaves my xbox ( it's the only xbox game I play regularly ).
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  • ZOS_RikardD

    Make sure that you are logged into Xbox Live with the same account that is linked to your ESO account.

    If you have verified that you are logged into the correct Xbox Live account, please submit a support ticket through so we may better assist you with issues relating to your account.
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