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Necro Tank build

So I have been enjoying this Necro tank setup for a while but I think it could use some improvement (not a pro tank)
Any advice would be appreciated

Ebon Armory x5
Akiviri Dragonguard x5
Lord warden x 2

Bone surge
Deaden pain
Hungry scythe
Pierce armour
Heroic slash
Aggressive war horn

Beckoning armour
Spirit guardian
Flex but I usually run expunge and modify here
Blockade of ice
Agony totem
Ravenous Goliath
Am argonian 1.6k mag recovery, 38k hp 21k stam and 16k mag
33k resists with warden

I can keep 100% uptime on minor protection and spirit mender along with major protec of corpses so in quite tanky

Edited by ThePhantomThorn on October 3, 2019 5:30AM
  • MattT1988
    I'd take Pierce Armour out and pop in either Inner Rage or Inner Beast for two reasons:

    1. You get Major Fracture and Major Breach from Unnerving Boneyard which I'd try to find room on your bar for as it's very useful for your group, maybe replace Bone Surge.
    2. Use range taunts on ranged enemies so you can pull them in with your Beckoning Armour, as your not running Silver Leash it'll be the only way you can bring those adds in for you to drop your totem for crowd control.
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