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Problem with MM and ATT

Good day people. I have some problem with MM and ATT addons. I always used MM, but got ploblem that MM dont show my sales, thus I cant watch my weekly sales in guilds. I tried reinstall it, updated it - no result. Then I deleted it and installed ATT addon. There is no my name in ATT`s list with players and in list with guild players my weekly sales are 0. I think that there is some problem in some libriaries. I also use TTC and AwesomeGuildStore addons. Who met such problem and how I can solve it?
  • Taleof2Cities
    ZOS is throttling the MM and ATT data feed nowadays to improve game performance.

    You can probably do a search in the forums, @POMEH, if you want more details.

    I’ve seen suggestions in the forums to log in frequently ... which gives the add-ons time to recover your data. Log in every day if possible.

    That’s seemed to help me, though some prices on high volume items are still a little off.
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