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The-Breakfast-Club - PVE/trials [PC/NA] recruiting

Greetings and well met!
The-Breakfast-Club is your neighborhood raiding guild (PC/NA) with experience that ranges from HM clears to brand new raiders learning the ropes! Our goal is to have a dynamic and active roster of raiders who are not only interested in pushing their very best performance but who would also be interested in passing that knowledge to new raiders starting out. Whether you are a seasoned trial runner, a raider looking for more experience, or a new trial runner looking to dip into ESO end-game, we may have what you are looking for!

What we offer:
• Seasoned veteran players who are always willing to share their knowledge and assistance.
• A welcoming and friendly community with a perverse love of coffee!
• 2 progression teams working on DLC content such as no-death achievements as well as starting HM trials.
• A new progression team aimed at teaching DLC content to raiders with enough experience to grasp the more intricate mechanics of the advanced trials (check our discord for requirements).
• Weekly open trials to help new members get experience.
• A straight-forward ranking system that is based on your participation and skill development.
• Master crafters who can assist with gear and research.
• Guild hall complete with all trial dummies, basic crafting stations, transmutation station, and mundus stones.
• Access to a house with ALL the attuned crafting stations.
• PVE tank/healer/dps instruction guides and work-shops as well as unique positioning and mechanic workshops for the more complex DLC trials.
• Leadership and officer opportunities for those interested in hosting events or leading trials.

What we are looking for:
• ACTIVE and competent raiders who are relaxed but focused and who are not only willing to learn but willing to teach.
• DPS who can flex to heals or tanking.
• Players who value camaraderie as much as achievements.
• Specifically, a mixture of range and melee DPS as well as OTs for our newest progression team.

Raid times:
• Tuesdays 9 pm EST (looking for DPS/OT/off-heals) new progression group focusing on mastering DLC veteran trials.
• Wednesdays 9 pm EST (looking for DPS) progression group focusing on skin clears, starting some HMs
• Fridays 9 pm EST (looking for DPS back-ups/tank back-ups) progression group focusing on no-death DLC trial achievements and HMs
• Saturdays 9 pm EST (looking for DPS/OT) craglorn training trials group.
• Sun/Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri 9 pm EST open trials of various skill level requirements.

Please feel free to join our discord to find out more about The-Breakfast-Club at https://discord.gg/8fVfbGh or message @dragonofstorms64 or @JenethIH for general information. We are listed in the "Looking for Guild" in game.
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    Looking for DPS, range and melee.
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