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Vivec's Trading Company

Wish to serve Lord Vivec? Are you a righteous follower of the three, or a dastardly denizen of the sixth house? Does that question matter? Perhaps not, but there's one thing to remember;

Wealth beyond measure, Outlander. Wealth beyond measure.

Vivec's Trading Company is a new sister guild to Vivec's Immortals, after we decided to establish our own trading guild alongside our growing PVE and PVP community. We have a discord so that you can communicate and participate with these members as well!

We accept new traders alongside experienced ones!


The guild is new, but it's leadership is experienced and versed in the ways of the trading world!

We have weekly dues of 5000 gold, but offer multiple ways to pay that sum. Whether it be your raffle entries, sales in the guild store, or paying it forward.

The Guild Hall, my primary residence, also has multiple DPS testing dummies, all of the basic craft stations, and Transmute Station.

Mundus stones and attunables are being worked on as we speak!

Check us out in the Guild Finder, or message one our of staff members in game!

NOTICE: We do check these forums, but for fastest results, we recommend that you contact us in game.

@Valund18 GM

@OmegaOnyx COGM

@ForceSurge Immortal/Officer
@Sayakiko Shopkeeper/Minimod
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