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Way of the Baandari - Casual RP / Social HUB


Hello everyone!

I've started a casual RP guild to act as a hub for members of the Baandari Clan and their allies. The guild will be used to meet others RP'ing a clan member or employee of the caravan. The only stipulation for joining as a clan member is having at least one Khajiit character who is a member of the Baandari.

The guild can also be used to:
  • create and coordinate RP events with other guilds inerested in interacting with the Baandari
  • individual or group meet-ups for RP'ers who want to add a Baandari element to their character's story
  • or just a place to chat


If you're interested in joining or requesting the guild's services, please leave a post here, send me a PM or whisper me in-game (@Fraxinus).

My Baandari character is Marivel-ko. Hope to meet you in-game!


~~ The Way of the Baandari ~~
Do not slander another child of the Baandari
Remain mindful in all dealings
A gift must be returned in kind
A fair trade need not be fair only in gold
Truth and cleverness need not be enemies
Find what is lost, trade what is found, and leave what has no purpose

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  • ParaNostram
    @jcf190b14_ESO I am interested in potentially joining this guild, if it is still recruiting.
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