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Cyrodill buffs not applying


Since new campaign all Cyrodill buffs are not given to my characters. I did got a strange error message about campaign lock when logging first time since the new campaign. The character was still in Cyrodill. Tried both my main characters for PVP and nothing applies. My alliance has emp and enemy scrolls but my character is the same as outside Cyrodill.

What is going on, how can I fixed this?
Xbox EU - EP
  • Blinkin8r
    Are you saying the Battle Spirit buff isn't showing up?
    II Blinkin II
    Xbox 1 NA
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  • Karivaa
    Same here on Xbox NA.
  • mook-eb16_ESO
    ah xbox soz, maybe is more broken stuff wouldn't surprise me
    Edited by mook-eb16_ESO on September 12, 2019 10:59PM
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