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The purge effect of Earthgore is bugged

As the title is stating, since quite some time Earthgore will not remove enemy placed effects when it is proccing (last tested today). I already wrote a ticket on this ~6 weeks ago, but so far nothing has happened, which is why I decided to also leave a post on it here. Would be nice if this would be fixed at some point.
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  • ChunkyCat
    I can verify, Earthgore does not remove negative effects.
  • Qbiken
    Good, finally working as it should B)
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  • de_la_Dude
    It definitely works at least some of the time. I saw it remove a ground aoe just last night in Fang Lair.

    Though I've also been in a few instances were it doesn't seem to work, or an aoe comes down right after it procs. I bet there are some boss aoes that cannot be removed.
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