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Deleted character please help

Soul Shriven
I accidentally deleted my main toon due to lag in the character select screen I thought I was on the toon I wanted to delete didn't know till it was to late. If anyone form @zos could help that would be vary appreciated

Ticket number 190904-001058
  • r3turn2s3nd3r
    @ZOS_BillE, @ZOS_GinaBruno, @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

    Tagging those that can possible help.
  • ZOS_RikardD

    Since you have already submitted a ticket regarding this issue, we recommend you follow up with that ticket for further support.

    As character deletion is intended to be permanent we are not always able to restore deleted characters. You can find more information on restoring deleted characters here.
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  • geminiis
    Soul Shriven
    I just don't understand the some can be restored and others can't this reply I got stated character restore is a "courtesy” like why have I not been extended that courtesy I spend a lot of money on this game though subscription and buying crowns and I haven't had a character restore in quite some time I just want a real answer why my toon can't be restored when my wife's toon was just restored same day and I'm have so much trouble
  • geminiis
    Soul Shriven
  • Rittings
    I'm going to guess at this - routine maintenance will clear out any residue of deleted data. Kind of like emptying your recycle bin - thus, if you don't hit restore before you empty that, it's almost impossible to get your data back.

    I feel your pain though - especially seeing as it sounds like it wasn't your fault. I know the pain of lag right now. I've deconstructed the wrong items after locking them seemingly unlocked them immediately without my noticing. Not sure the resolution on this one though.

    Maybe if you have any screenshots of your character, and/or achievements/crafting etc - they might be able to help with research scrolls etc to bring you back up to speed.
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