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Workaround for stuck in combat!

  • Mr_Walker
    You all just need a "Release From Combat Sigil"

    Bargain price at 4000 crowns.
  • Palidon
    There was a sure way of doing it prior to ZOS' faction lock crap. That was just switch to another campaign then return to the one your were in. Cleared the combat bug every time.
  • Major_Lag
    Back when I mained a largescale healer in Cyro a few months back, I was pretty much permanently stuck in combat, regardless of whether I was formally grouped or not. :#

    Even dying didn't fix it sometimes - I'd respawn at N/S Morrowind Gate and still be stuck in combat in a safe zone.

    Killing NPCs never, ever did anything to help, either.

    That was back during the time when you could still switch skills/quickslots while in combat.
    After ZOS "fixed" that "bug", I stopped PvPing not long after, because it was complete rubbish not even being able to slot Rapids or switch my sieges around.
  • f047ys3v3n
    idk wrote: »
    Killing oneself is not a workaround. I have been left in combat even after reserecting at a keep that was not in combat or even had combat near it.

    It would seem, though I could be wrong, this is related to the changes Zos made last year to prevent us from changing skills when we were in combat if we had not taken or given damage for a short duration.

    That was a very small issue the worked to stop that caused a much bigger issue that would be easy fix. Considering Zos has not said anything to the contrary and has not pinned this to the Dev Tracker this only reasonable explanation is they do not consider this important.

    Typical ZOS priorities: "fix" something nobody ever cared about, thought about, or considered was a problem, in the process create a massive bug that everybody loathes and talks about all the time. Never, ever, ever, reverse a plainly stupid decision or even acknowledge that it might have been sub-optimal.

    I had the stuck in combat bug today soloing for my tickets and found a 100% fix for the problem. It is an increasingly popular fix for many of ZOS's problems. Kill game client (since you of course can't log out) and do something else. I don't know if my toon is still logged in server side with the combat bug or not and I don't care.
    Yes I am deeply embarrassed to still be playing this game. I know better.
  • Major_Lag
    Ahh, yes. Alt+F4 is certainly one possible solution to any and all of the PvP problems in ESO :trollface:
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