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Is attempting to Role Play that common?

  • goatlyonesub17_ESO
    The most serious role-playing I've done lately is inventing a character called The Mudball Goblin, who, as you might expect, went around to places where there was frequent mobile player traffic (albeit very few loitering players in that same area), find a good place to hide while wearing camouflage clothing (wolf fur brown priest of the green & wiseman hat), and began tossing mudballs at players. Splat. Watch the player try to find the Mudball Goblin. See him give up and start to ride away. Splat. On it goes. Sometimes (this is the best part) the Mudball Goblin would start a mudball fight between two other players. Then he'd do a bellylaugh at them.

    Since I retired the Mudball Goblin, there have been a number of copycat characters. One of them, who seems to hang out in Belkarth a lot, is an Argonian female who has taken a different approach to anonymously hurling mudballs. She leans back against a pillar and does that coin flipping thing, until somebody goes by in the direction she isn't facing. She tosses mudball at said player, then goes right back to /leanbackcoin again. She does it so fast (must be a hot key in use) that the targeted player assumes that she could not have been the one and goes looking for someone else to blame.
    "Argonians have fat, scaly tails." —Rissa Manyclaws.
    "Once upon a time there were three sisters: Delicious, Delightful, and Disgusting. Now, Delicious and Delightful were both very pretty girls..." —Brendalyn Jurarde.
    "I smell to the nobility." —Indrasa Avani.
    "The mudballs are especially disgusting today." —The Mudball Goblin.
    "Your armor looks like underwear." —Shuns-the-Knife.
  • thegreatme
    There's also the matter of finding where the RP crowds go, which used to be Riften, but the last few months we've seen large roleplay groups shift away from it into other unused corners of Tamriel a lot. Probably on account of all the obnoxious pvp spammers there :D

    It can be frustrating at times though because RPers are somewhat of a cliquish/reclusive and guarded lot even with other RPers. If you're not already in on something going on or know someone, good luck having a lot of other RPers even acknowledge your character is there or exists. Or maybe I'm just not straightforward enough to insert myself into someone else's thing and other people are. Who knows lol

    One issue I seem to have come across a lot lately is that if your toons don't hit it off and kiss butt or be friendly to some other RPers' toons right off the bat, you end up that person they go out of their way to ignore as if your characters aren't there XD I think a lot of people just seem to assume what your character does / how they feel is how you as a player do / feel, and just don't have much of a backbone for In-Character tension or drama unless its coming from inside their clique. Takes a lot of the fun out of random encounters.
    Give Bosmer their stealth back you cowards
  • theplague4u
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a vampire pirate and I'll talked to others but left alone especially when I'm draining an NPC. I'll disappear and come back to kill it. I'm never caught by the gaurd since you can't capture what you can't see. I only allowed the guards to kill me so I can do the crafting quest, but I usually rock around a 10k bounty give or take so I'm constantly in the shadows.
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