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MagSorc armor sets

I have a Magsorc (pet-heavy) at CP200 and I am looking for a good PvE armor list that is not terribly hard to obtain. I have a full set of the Murkmire armor which seems to be pretty good, but is there anything else I should be looking to obtain?

  • Beardimus
    Depends what you are trying to achieve / content etc.

    You say pets thus Necropotence isan obvious set regardless, likewise if obtaining is your stress a crafted set can fill your gaps, like Julianos. Again tho depends if you looking for that perfect min max trials setup, or just want ok dps for overland etc.

    Do you have a monster helm yet?
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  • Sanctum74
    Necropotence is usually the go to set for pet builds. It can be purchased at guild traders or farmed in Rivenspire.

    You can pair that with shacklebreaker or julianos(both craftable) or bright throats which can be purchased or farmed in Murkmire.

    Be sure to check the golden vendor in cyrodiil every weekend for monster sets to help enhance your build.
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    Definitely Necropotence for a pet build for the 5 piece buff. You will either want to farm or transmute them to the Divines trait. I am using shoulders, head, chest, neck and one ring. For the necklace I spent the time to farm Miremonwe's Magika Pendent of Necropotence which is BiS but I started with the everyday Necropotence Pendent. For the rest of my body pieces I've been using Bright-Throat's Boast. For the other ring and weapons I have Vanus ring, lightning staff and fire staff. It has worked well enough for the content I run which is open world questing up through normal dungeons.

    I'm working on creating a Law of Julianos set and getting a monster set to pair up with the Necropotence. Depending upon the the results I will drop the Bright-Throat's Boast and Vanus sets.

    Spinners is also decent for leveling and use while farming Necropotence.
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  • zvavi
    While necropotence is the way to go 100%, I pair it with mechanical acuity, was reaching 40k self buff with 600 cp,

    And also unlike other people said, infused is better on the big pieces (chest legs head), especially if you run the mage mundus stone.

    Edit: also murkmire set is kinda inferior to other things because pet sorcs usually heavy attack for resources, that's why necropotence is stronger
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  • AcadianPaladin
    I run a one pet (matriarch) storm sorc and am perfectly happy with Necropotencex5, Julianosx5, Slimecrawx2. Extremely easy gear to obtain and plenty effective.

    For what it's worth, I run 5/1/1 with infused on big and divines on small pieces. Apprentice (+ spell damage) Mundus and dual shock staves.
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  • valusthecateater
    I run a one pet (matriarch) storm sorc and am perfectly happy with Necropotencex5, Julianosx5, Slimecrawx2. Extremely easy gear to obtain and plenty effective.

    For what it's worth, I run 5/1/1 with infused on big and divines on small pieces. Apprentice (+ spell damage) Mundus and dual shock staves.

    Thanks for the info, everyone. What differentiates big and small pieces?
  • zvavi
    Uh, don't run infused on big, they are changing pets next patch so you will benefit more from divines. Also big pieces when talking about infused are:
    Head, legs, chest. <--- which is something I said in a previous comment? Please read things when people try to help :D
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  • malistorr
    Crafty Alfiq is also a good set that's easy to get if pets still scale off max mag, and your goal is to maximize the pet damage. The Necro set and Crafty Alfiq will both give you tons of max mag that will buff your pet damage and buff much of the other damage that a mag sorc can do as well. Light and heavy staff attacks will get a buff (have their damage increased) from max mag and also any skill that says it's magic damage I believe. I'm not sure if skills that do elemental damage get increased damage by raising your max mag, but you can easily tell by looking at the tooltip for the skill to see how much damage it says it will do currently. Then equip an item that gives you more max mag and check the same skill tooltip again to see if the damage it reports that it will do increased at all.
    Ultimately your gear choices should benefit how you want to play (what skills/attacks you'll use). So sets like Infallible Aether and Undaunted Infiltrator if you want to heavy attack a lot with your staff. Sets like Netch's Touch if you'll use sorc skills that cause elemental lightning damage etc. etc. Julianos is a good all-around set since it just gives you spell damage and increased crit. so really it will buff just about everything except pets. Elemental Succession may be the new "best" set for people using elemental damage skills. Siroria was also good for people who wanted a general damage set and aren't going to move around a lot. So lots of differences in what gear you can choose and it's based on how you want to play. Basically use gear to buff what you plan to do to attack if you're a dps player.
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  • El_Borracho
    Necro + Mother's Sorrow. Its really the best combo. Both are overland sets. You can get a MS lighting staff from "The Ravaged Village" quest in Deshaan (or you can get ripped off by a guild trader). Then go ahead and farm dolmens for the jewelry. Or run them in reverse if you can get a pair of Necro lightning staves.

    As for monster sets, Zaan is best, but Valkyn Skoria is a nice close second. Iceheart is a great set for solo play and procs a lot.

    You can play around with other sets. Someone mentioned Infallible Aether. Fun set for heavy attack builds and relatively easy to farm out of HRC. There is a build that uses that with Undaunted Infiltrator (xynode), but I've found getting the jewelry and lighting staves out of Arx is a pain. I ran IA + Elegance (Auridon overland set) and had similar results as with Undaunted Infiltrator, and since Elegance is a light set, you can mix and match (UI is a medium set).

    There are plenty of other sets out there, but they are a bit harder to obtain than these. One of them is False God's.

    EDIT: But when all is said and done, for pet-heavy builds, I don't think you can top Necro + MS. Its REALLY good.
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