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To all you PVErs who are going into IC...

  • VaranisArano
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    Ah, and we all wonder why PvP in this game is dying....

    This. PvP is just full of super toxic people as evidenced by this thread and its creator. It makes me cringe so hard to read the posts of these PvPers goading PvEers. How do you not feel embarrassed acting like this towards the people you "farm"?

    Act like a decent human being. PvP is fast declining and I won't be surprised if it dies soon along with this game because of the absolutely rampant toxicity and elitism.

    Personally, as a PVPer who used to be a PVE only player, I assume that everyone in a PvPvE zone is smart enough to realize they deliberately queued up for a zone that has PVP enabled and prepare accordingly.

    Not only that, but I believe that everyone who's in Imperial City rnow is intelligent enough to realize they queued for PvPvE IC during the busiest time of the year and to prepare accordingly.

    If you deliberately queue for IC and expect to escape the PVP part of PvPvE, I question whether you understand the design of Imperial City. PVP, including ganking and camping spawn points, is intended.

    If you deliberately queue for IC while choosing to not prepare for PVP, I really wonder just what you expected to happen.

    (PVP Game modes dying has much more to do with the players who love PVP leaving because of ZOS' failures to fix persistant performance issues.)
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  • ZOS_AntonioP
    Hello everyone,

    With this thread mainly being bait, we're going to go ahead and close it down. For further posts be sure to stay constructive with the Forum Rules in mind to avoid thread derailment or action on one's own account.

    Thank you for understanding.
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