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Sancrelyeis Avenue Market is looking for you! [PVE,PVP,RP]

Soul Shriven

Sancrelyeis Avenue Market is now hiring.


Located in the beautiful Summerset Isle a newly opened shopping experience awaits you, Retail Assistants wait patiently inside at tables stocked with a variety of goods. Meat and produce, home goods and fine gifts! Come visit our sauna and cooling pool, enjoy fine drinks in the bar, or just browse the various stands. Opportunity is available for those looking to earn some coins through our vast resources and training for novice to experienced merchants alike. Join us for market style RP, learning trade secrets, and more! Fully stocked guild hall ready for shoppers and employees alike.
Weekly Events:
Thursday Tea Time @ 7:30 PM EST | 9:30 AM AEST
Random Event Roulette @ 7:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM AEST

We have a LFRP board, housing directory, PVE, RP, PVP.

Guests are welcome too!

Interviews are open
Seeking highly motivated Barkeeps to serve top quality refreshments and host events. Multiple timezones and multiple locations.
Entertainers of all types, comedians, dancers, and bards!
Do you offer a special service? We welcome all with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Contact: @Faevara for more information.
Inquire within.

Please be patient as one of the management gets you a guest tag for full access.
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  • Faevara
    Soul Shriven
    One last day to sign up for the annual Merchant's Festival!

    Visit this link for more info or contact @Faevara ingame or on discord @ Faevara#8907
  • Faevara
    Soul Shriven
    The schedule has changed. Our last of a long tour of various taverns on Friday night has been replaced.

    Foxy Boxing sign ups are still open!

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