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I want to join a guild called "The Auction House"

I'm a member of 3 guilds. I don't interact with anyone via teamspeak or whatever other stuff is used lol. I just am a member of those guilds because they have really good trader NPCs at good locations in the games where I can sell a lot of stuff I accumilate through farming treasure chests. I make tens of thousands worth of gold every week trading like this. There is one trading NPC that I've wanted to trade from since I first started playing this game back in Janurary this year. The NPC's name is "Tanur Llervu". The guild that uses this NPC is called "The Auction House".

I ocasionally throw in an application to join that guild and hope for the best like any trading guild but when I visited that NPC again today, I tried browsing the guild finder after hitting the "i" key on my keyboard and selecting the "trading guild" tab and I can't find their guild name. Are they under a different tab? Also, I understand that with super active and really old guilds like The Auction House, that there's a waiting list, and blah blah blah(I'm not complaining) I'm just trying to figure out how I can become a part of this guild, because I can sell so much stuff through that NPC because of how much player traffic is at Davon's Watch.

But I can't seem to find their name through the guild finder, which is strange, which means I can't submit an application. I originally assumed that the reason I was never accepted was because the one and only character I have for this game wasn't a high enough level. But my character, which is now a level Champion 219, would be a high enough level.

Any advice from veteran players on how I can become a part of this guild? Anybody know what their discord server is? I would LOVE to be a part of this guild and trade through their NPC at Davon's Watch but now sure how to get accepted. I'm assuming their guild has been around for a while.

Thanks for any advice.
  • Artemiisia
    not all guilds list their guild in the guild finder list

    you could try, in zone chat, and jump to like 10 different zones, repeating it

    something like this:

    is there an officer or someone from The Action House online, that can invite me into the guild

    Extra Guild info

    Their Webside
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