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(Possible spoiler) Coldharbour Hollow City question

Soul Shriven
I have just completed the Coldharbour zone quests and noticed a few characters missing (aside from the obvious few like the Ayleid Kind, Darian and Hahnin). Nalia and Tzik'nith somehow disappeared after the zone quests are completed. Are they supposed to not stay in the Hollow City after the zone quests are done like the rest of the people I rescued/recruited? Also, I did the Endless war and rescued both the person of choice and the 3 mages. However, besides Juline Ginis and Mim, I cannot seem to find Relmus anywhere within Hollow City... Not even after the zone quests are done... Is it a bug?
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  • Veinblood1965
    Well you can't expect them to just stand around in the same spot or town all the time can you? I think most of them actually live out in the country in Riften.
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