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Looking for players to clear vet dlc content with

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone! My buddy and I are looking for 2 more players(TANK AND DPS) to join us on our Vet DLC Dungeon Crawler Adventures aka completing all vet DLC dungeon content! We love challenges and love having to use our tiny brains to their fullest, so all the content we will run will be a blind playthrough. No spoilers, just pure fun and agony.

Here are the requirements to join us:

1. Must be on PC and have a mic. We will be in discord during dungeons since comms are crucial to our success. Must have access to DLC content.

2. Must be willing to spend multiple hours on the scheduled days of our runs. We might wipe quite a bit so be prepared, its part of the learning process. Bring your fruit roll-ups and poop bucket.

3. Not toxic, duh. People might get frustrated and yell when wipes happen. I get it but as long as you don't become toxic, we will be good. Talk ***, get hit...or kicked in this case.

4. Must be 350cp+ Tank or dps that is comfortable with your class/role. We are not asking for insane dps but would love it if you knew how to rock and roll when *** hits the fan. These roles will be permanent.

5. This might be asking a lot but we want people who have never done these DLC dungeons before. It would be great to experience it for the first time together without knowing mechanics and tryhard tactics. So if you are some 6 billion CP god, then this party isn't for you, sorry.

6. Not much of a req but later on down the line we have plans to pursue the achievements(no death/speed-run/Hard mode) of most dungeons that provide skins and bonus rewards. You do not have to participate in this part if you do not want to.

Well that's pretty much it! Hopefully this isn't too much to ask for. We just want to have a good time running the content with like minded people. If you are interested, please reply with your Class/Role/Cp in the comments or DM me the info and ill get back to you ASAP.
  • Protossyder
    Are you on PC-NA or PC-EU?
    What you lose in the fire, you will find amongst the ashes.

    Characters worth mentioning:
    Daedrós - Magicka DK - Dunmer - PvE & PvP - Flawless Conqueror - Emperor
    Dragybor - Stamblade - Redguard - PvE (first char)
    Yondaime Raikage - Stamsorc - Redguard - PvE
    Zerg Overmind - Magblade - Altmer - PvE
    Yenari - Magsorc - Altmer - PvE - Flawless Conqueror
    Devoured-his-siblings - DK Tank - Argonian - PvE
    Valkyrja Valhalla - StamDK - Redguard - PvE
    Hyperion der Obere - Magplar - Altmer - PvE
    Affa al'Dschinni - Stamplar - Redguard - PvP
    Enjoys-the-slaughter - Templar Healer - Argonian - PvE
    Arenas: vDSA (~46k) - vMA (~580k)
    Trials: vAA hm - vHRC hm - vSO hm - vMoL hm (~161k) - vHoF hm (~202k) - vAS+2 - vCR+2 - vSS+1

    PC - EU
  • RzVirus
    Soul Shriven
    Are you on PC-NA or PC-EU?

    Wow how did i forget to mention this lol. We are on PC-NA
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