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[End-Game PVE Progression Guild] "SpankerZ" Now Recruiting a DD and a Tank for Godslayer Progression

SpankerZ is a progression/score guild currently focusing on Sunspire HM progression and Godslayer achievement. Many of us already have Gryphon Heart, Tick Tock Tormentor and Immortal Redeemer achievements.

We are currently looking for a Mag DD that can do(or willing to learn) portal on last boss for Godslayer Progression.

Having end-game trial experience is a must. We are not a teaching guild. We are expecting applications from end-game players
who have already cleared all HM content in the game and are confident with their role.

Our raid times at the moment are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00-23:00(CEST). Please apply only if you can join on all raid days, since we are a core group, you'll be expected to show up for the raid.

You can apply on our website:

We're only accepting applications through the website. You can contact me (ingame @LongMaySheReign Discord: LongMaySheReign#9896), freya(ingame @Freyouz , Discord:freya
) or Poe(ingame @poejesh, Discord: Poe#6892) for more info.

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