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[PC/NA/AD/18+] Bitemarks and Bloodstains rides again!

Hey folks. We are a small social guild (14 of us - Wowsers) and are looking to grow just a little bit bigger. We are back from a long hiatus and currently in a rebuild stage.

When the objectives of playing are too defined, the game can start to feel like a job. In our constant quest to avoid burnout, we will do just about anything guild members want to do.

Want to run the daily dungeons? We love those things! Want to run around a zone killing rabbits? That's not very nice, but we'll play along. Want to test your iron in Cyrodiil? You'll probably need to be AD then because most of us are... but we'll still do it!

We host weekly events. We welcome new and veteran players. We are always willing to teach others about the game, and a number of us have been playing this game together for 1+ years. No level requirement, no gear or experience requirement, just please be 18+ as we are all goofy adults and would like the same.

If you're interested, I encourage you to message me here or in-game (@BoomerLives)! Just include your timezone, your handle, and anything that interests you about our guild or what you'd like to do with a guild. And finally, leadership positions are available! Inquire about it in our Discord. See you out there!
  • BoomerLives
    This weekend we'll be doing all public dungeons in Aldmeri zones, so whether you're new to the game and looking for a real noob-friendly guild, or you're a vet looking to help a small guild grow, get in touch!
  • greenlights6
    I'll be contacting you in game soon :)

    Gottslieg - mDK - EP
    Freyjäa - Sorc - EP
    Ëothain - Templar
  • BoomerLives
    I'll be contacting you in game soon :)

    Awesome, looking forward to hearing from you!
  • BoomerLives
    This week our guild event is clearing all Ebonheart Pact world bosses! Anyone is welcome to join, so send me a message!
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