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Getting help from another player in the middle of a quest line.

I'm having trouble with the fight defending Khamira from the Euraxians in the quest Jode's Core. I have a friend who could help me, except he isn't doing the quest line. If he followed me to the quest, would he be able to fight the mobs with me? Or does he have to be at the same point in the quest.
  • method__01
    afaik he wont,you must start the quest together
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  • Doctor_David
    method__01 wrote: »
    afaik he wont,you must start the quest together

    And since it is a quest chain, he also needs to at the same point in the chain to be eligible for the quest?
  • Minyassa
    It has been my experience that if a friend has already done the quest in question, they can join me without a problem. If they haven't, they need to catch up by doing the prerequisite quests. I haven't found anything besides the main storyline (the Five Companions) that took longer than half an hour or so to catch up with, but ymmv.
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