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[PC/EU] Daggerfall Social Club is looking for new members

Daggerfall Social Club is recruiting again!

As the name suggests, we are a social guild who mostly enjoys the PvE element of the game. We play on the EU server and many of our members come from all over the world, but we use English in chat to avoid confusion and to keep everyone involved. We pride our guild on having a warm and friendly atmosphere and offer a place to 'chill and chat' as well as being able to have fun and explore Tamriel. Basically we're looking to build on our active player base with members who will contribute to the guild and have fun along the way!

Discord is important for players wanting to be involved in dungeon runs and guild events, even if you're only listening in.

We also take part in trials every weekend and some of the more experienced players also try Battlegrounds, so you're not limited to just PvE if you want to do more!

We have our own guild house/s with access to all the usual standard crafting stations, Transmute station, targeting skeletons, merchant, banker plus several attunable crafting station sets that any member can use!

So if you want to be a part of this growing guild and have a laugh with like-minded players, then why not give us a try? B)

Contact: VanNoodles (Guild Leader) or MoonDevlin (Recruitment) stating your main character level and preferred playing style/build.
(suitable applicants will be offered a place in the guild via in-game mail)
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  • terror_incarnate
  • paradox2419
    How many members do you have active
  • terror_incarnate
    Bump!! B)
  • Mancombe_Nosehair
    I must say that if you are looking for a nice friendly social group, particularly for new players, then this is a good guild to be in.
  • terror_incarnate
    Bump! o:)
  • terror_incarnate
    and Berrrmp! :-P
  • El_GrindCore
    Soul Shriven
    PM sent to MoonDevlin with my application. ^_^ was that an appropriate method?

    EDIT: I just saw the invitation, ty!. :smile: cya all online.
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  • terror_incarnate
    * B U M P *
    * P B U M *
    * M P B U *
    * U M P B *
  • terror_incarnate
  • Dutchii
    Soul Shriven
    He MoonDevlin,

    Can I get a invite? I'm a lvl 10 player :D yeah a complete nOOb, I know. But have been playing mutiple MMORPG's in the past. I'm looking for a nice PvE guild to have fun and play together. I prefer being a healer.

  • terror_incarnate
    Send me another mail in-game Dutchii, or whisper me when I'm online and we'll chat! ;-)
  • Kraezy
    Was looking through the threads to find a suitable guild and noticed you've created two threads.

    This guild and 'Bards n Bandits'... ? You running two guilds or has BNB folded?
  • terror_incarnate
    Hi Kraezy,

    I'm one of the recruitment officers for two separate guilds I am in. Bards n' Bandits has not folded, in fact we're up to over 100 active members now and are going from strength to strength. While both guilds are great to be a member of, Daggerfall Social Club (DSC) is more of a 'Social' type of guild, requirements a less stringent, but still does frequent pledges and dungeon delves and weekly trials with a bit of PvP. Bards n Bandits are more hands on and do daily pledges, both veteran and normal, trials, battlegrounds, Cyrodiil incursions, naked and themed dungeon runs (yes really!) fishing nights, monthly guild raffle and more! Both guilds require members to use discord, especially for harder game content, but sometimes just to chat and socialise, while inactive members are removed from the guild after several weeks. Both guilds are friendly and engaging and there's always someone around to ask for help if it's needed, like help to get that certain achievement or help with crafting etc.

    So there you have it, you have a couple of choices depending on your play style and what you want out of the game!

    I hope that helps to clarify things. ;)


    MoonDevlin (Recruitment officer for both Daggerfall Social Club and Bards n' Bandits)
  • ProDetecteD
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a newbie may i come in. @ProDetecteD in game ID, Shayn#0987 discord ID.
  • Kraezy
    MoonDevlin wrote: »
    hope that helps to clarify things. ;)

    Cheers for the info.
    Feel free to throw me an invite to either, very competent player. Returning after an extended break from ESO (got badgered into Hardcore Raiding on WoW, which I've now subsequently had to quit doing, due to wife getting aggy)

    Taking a slightly more casual approach to MMO's and ESO caters to that, current progression done in ESO is most dungs on VET, min/maxing my gear to get into some Trials but I'm happy to just lounge round with peeps and run quests / normals if they require them.

    Disc: Kraezy#7889
    Temp Heals 250cp

  • Warrilad
    Hi there Moon,

    I am a returning player, had just over 12 months out and have been back about a week now, looking for an active social guild with whom i can group up and have a laugh, i have a couple of friends i play with also from a formaer guild i was an officer in.

    Have a lot of experience in dungeons (except the new ones i missed) vet and hard modes.
    I did all the trials (except the new one(s) again) and i have done 1 or 2 on vet.
    I main a Mag Templar which is a healer but can also DD, max crafter (except Jewelry)
    8 Alts covering all roles.

    If you think i may fit in i would love to hear from you.
    @warrilad in game


    Tom (warrilad) UK
  • terror_incarnate
  • terror_incarnate

    Please be aware that any players wishing to apply to Daggerfall Social Club should apply in-game to @VanNoodles (guild leader) and NOT myself (@MoonDevlin), as I currently have no computer capable of running ESO due to recent hardware failure. I will not be able to personally respond to any requests to join Daggerfall Social Club during this time.

    Thank you,


  • Deter1UK
    Hi team
    I've been playing for just under a year now, not done any group content at all yet. Have a Mag Sorceror as my main and an Assassin/Thief for the variety. Apart from which I'm strangely addicted to starting new characters for the fun of it. I can craft most things but am stuck on my first master crafting quest which needs a psijic hat motif that just won't drop!
    Am semi retired now which means I play some days and some evenings - though my reactions are not what they were and the few duels I accepted lasted all of about 10 secs which bodes very poorly for any PVP :D

    Love the game and feel its time to expand the social side of it - so looking for a guild like yours if you'll
    have me.
  • terror_incarnate
    Still accepting applications to Daggerfall Social Club. I am once again able to process applications (albeit only once per day as I'm still using a laptop and not fully able to play ESO at present). Please contact @VanNoodles (Guild Leader) primarily and in-game or myself @MoonDevlin (recruitment) if you don't mind a delay in me responding to you.


  • terror_incarnate
    Daggerfall Social Club is still currently accepting applications. We're currently looking for higher level players with experience in trials and some veteran level content, but all levels of experience are welcome. All time zones are accepted but some ability of written/spoken English language is essential for chat and discord. For more details of what we do please read the opening post.

    Please mail your applications to @VanNoodles (Guild Leader) or @terror.incarnate (Recruitment) while in-game with your main character level and race/build, ESO experience, your Time Zone, and your preferred play style and we will contact you shortly. ;)

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  • terror_incarnate
    Bump! :D
  • terror_incarnate
    Still accepting applications to Daggerfall Social Club!

    For more details of what we do please read the opening post.

    Please mail your applications to @VanNoodles (Guild Leader) or @terror.incarnate (Recruitment) while in-game with your main character level and race/build, ESO experience, your Time Zone, and your preferred play style and we will contact you shortly.
  • Dobbes
    Soul Shriven
    I'd love to join

    I'll contact you in game
    Edited by Dobbes on March 3, 2019 12:47AM
  • VanNoodles
    Hi - for those that have read the forum post and are interested in applying to join.

    We really enjoy playing the game in a light hearted way. We don't take ourselves seriously and have a lot of fun when we do group content together. We don't judge anyone's ability and help people navigate through the dungeons and trials.

    We prefer to run guild only group activities purely because PUG players don't always appreciate that we mess around a bit and don't take trails too seriously. If you feel that you aren't good enough to do trials, but would really like to try, then we're the guild for you.

    Find us in the Guild Finder or send me a mail in game with a request to join the guild - @VanNoodles.

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